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Brutta, sporca, scura scura,
dentro il mar non fa figura.
Ma se è pronta da mangiare,
è davvero un altro affare! 

(Ugly, Dirty, Dark, Dark,
In the sea they don’t make any impression
But if they are ready to eat
It’s really something different) 

Recipe for "Guazzetto di Cozze" by Imma Gargiulo from Masterchef Italy

Ingredients for two people: 
1 kilo of mussels 1 "cuore di bue" tomato 1 stalk of celery 1 clove of garlic 1 small chili pepper parsley olive oil, preferably DOP from the Sorrentine Peninsula 1/2 glass of white Lacryma Christi wine

Fry the garlic and add the chili pepper. If you like spicey food, cut the chili in two and let come out the seeds. Then add the parsley and the mussels and after a few minutes you can also add the chopped celery. Close the pot with a lid and toss the ingredients occasionally. Cooking will last at most 7/8 minutes. 
To be sure everything is fine, just check if all mussels have opened; if not, eliminate them. Then add the white wine, if possible cold. The thermal shock of the wine will make sure that all flavours come out.
Cook with a high flame without covering, to make the alcohol of the wine vanish. Add the tomatoes in small cubes. Serve with grilled slices of bread rubbed with some oil and a garlic.Buon appetito!
06/08/2018, 07:10




The recipe of this salad with oranges , fennel and walnuts is a perfect choice for both the winter and the summer, because it uses products that are found throughout the year, because it is cool in summer and because it provides vitamin C and vitamins to combat the rigors of winter weather.
You can serve in place of tomatoes or salad to accompany meat dishes , or you can serve as an appetizer. Ideal if seasoned with Oranges olive oil or Walnut Olive oil which offer a unique and fresh aftertaste 

INGREDIENTS: ( serves 4 ):
  • 4/6 medium oranges
  • 2 fennel
  • Walnuts Extravirgin olive oil with Walnuts
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Oranges
  • salt and pepper q.b.
  • pine nuts 

1. Clean the fennel , wash and cut thin and divide evenly on a platter or four individual dishes .
2 . Peel the oranges after they have been washed and dried. Also sliced using a sharp knife. Distribute them over the fennel
3 . Chop the walnuts and pine nuts and spargetele on oranges and fennel.
4 . Season with Frantoio Gargiulo walnuts and Oranges oil , salt and pepper ; serve immediately , otherwise the vitamins oranges deteriorate
08/06/2018, 13:08



The "Sorrento walnut olive oil Spaghetti are a first delicious, original and fast dish to prepare. 

  • Spaghetti 320 grs 
  • Walnut minced 70 grs 
  • Parmesan cheese Reggiano 70 grs 
  • Gargiulo Walnut extravirign olive oil : 4 spoons 
  • Garlic 2 segments 
  • Salt q.b. 
  • Ground black pepper q.b.
In a frying pan you make to brown the garlic with the oil. You unite the minced walnuts, a handful of fresh basil, parmesan cheese grattuggiato and pepper to like. 
You drain the pasta holding aside same water of cooking to amalgamate. 
You jump the spaghetti in frying pan with the seasoning and you end with a thread of oil to raw.