Tomato sauce Sorrento


With dedication and love for our land, we select only the best tomatoes to create a genuine, rich, and intense tomato purée. Every spoonful captures the warmth of the Sorrento sun and the passion of our family. Perfect to give your dishes that authentic and traditional touch that only Sorrento can offer.



In August, the Gargiulo family would gather to prepare the tomato bottles; it was a time of celebration and conviviality. The scent of cooked tomato filled the air, and we would joyfully run to dip bread into the still-warm tomato. For our parents, preserving tomatoes was a passion!
Today, with the same dedication, our tomatoes are carefully selected, harvested at the right degree of ripeness, and processed immediately to preserve their authentic flavor and freshness. This purée embodies the essence of the tomato: rich, velvety, and intense. Perfect for preparing sauces with a genuine taste or for enhancing any dish with the authentic flavor of fresh tomato.

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