Sweet and Sour Pumpkin in Oil


The Sweet and Sour Pumpkin in Oil, grown and processed in Sorrento, is a preserve designed to delight the most refined palates and add a touch of originality to your table. Ideal for bruschettas, appetizers, as a cheese accompaniment, and as a special ingredient in your sandwiches.


Our Sweet and Sour Pumpkin in Oil is made following strict quality standards, starting with the selection of the best pumpkins, grown in the fertile lands surrounding the Gulf of Sorrento. Each piece is hand-cut and preserved in our own production of extra virgin olive oil, with a touch of sweet and sour that enhances its flavor without overpowering it.
Whether as an appetizer, a side dish, or an ingredient to enrich salads and gourmet dishes, our Sweet and Sour Pumpkin in Oil is incredibly versatile. Its balance of flavors makes it perfect for accompanying cheeses, cold cuts, and for creating tasty contrasts in more elaborate dishes.

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