Split Baby Artichokes in Oil


Discover the authentic taste of Sorrento cuisine with our Split Baby Artichokes in Oil. At Frantoio Gargiulo, we embrace a passion for our roots, delivering authentic and intense flavors directly to your table. Our carefully selected and prepared Split Baby Artichokes are ideal for adding a touch of originality to your salads, enriching your sandwiches, or serving as a distinctive and flavorful side dish.


Our Split Baby Artichokes are carefully selected at the optimal point of ripeness, cleaned, and manually processed following centuries-old practices that preserve their authentic flavor and crisp texture. The use of extra virgin olive oil, sourced from the finest olive groves in Sorrento, enhances the naturalness of the artichokes, ensuring a final product of unmatched quality.

Ideal for creating sophisticated appetizers or refined side dishes, our split baby artichokes in oil add a crunchy note to every recipe. Try them on pizza too!

Storage Tips:
To fully enjoy their freshness, we recommend storing the jar in the refrigerator after opening and consuming the artichokes within a few days to best appreciate their quality and taste.

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