Neapolitan Broccoli


The conserve “Broccoli Napoletana” (Friarielli) from the Frantoio Gargiulo is a delight which really captures the essence of trandtional Campanian cooking. This speciality uses only broccoli (friarielli) which has been grown in the fertile land of Sorrento, thus guaranteeing a superior local product. The broccoli is carefully cooked and then stored in a mixture of vinegar, wine and extra virgin olive oil, with a little salt and chilli.


The onions are harvested when they are just at their peak, sliced and cooked in a mixture of white wine vinegar and sugar. This process, which combines innovation with tradition, ensures each bite maintains its flavour and crunch. They are the perfect accompaniment for cheese, cold cuts, and meat, and not forgetting salads and antipasto. Their unique flavour also lends itself to being the finishing touch on many other dishes.
How should they be stored:
Once opened, store in the fridge and consume within a few days.

Additional information

Weight 0,9 kg

Nutritional values

Energy value

95,41 kj / 22,78 kcal


1,22 g


1,32 g


1,32 g


0,20 g

Saturated fats



0,34 g