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Our Frantoio Gargiulo extra virgin olive oil with lemon, is the perfect union of Italy’s famous olives infused with Sorrento’s equally famous IGP lemons.
Take our advice and use this oil for fresh seafood salads, vegetables, fish dishes and especially shellfish.



Imagine yourself wandering around a traditional lemon garden in beautiful Sorrento, shaded by the traditional “pagliarelle” and surrounded by ripe fruit with the most amazingly aromatic aroma.
You can take this amazing flavour with you wherever you are, as we have managed to bottle this intense aroma, in our extra virgin olive oil, infused with Sorrento’s famous IGP lemons – this oil is bursting with flavour and that intensely fresh lemon scent.
To produce our extra virgin, lemon infused oil – we exclusively use certified IGP lemons, which means only they must have been grown and cultivated in the Sorrentine Peninsula or on the Island of Capri, with their distant oval shape, their yellow straw colour, and intensely flavoured rind. To make 100 litres of lemon oil, we use no less than 74 kilos of rind to infuse the oil to the highest level.
The oil has multiple uses but lends itself particularly well to fish and salad dishes, but here in Sorrento we love to use it on pizza and focaccia as well.

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