É Iss Tenuta San Francesco – Tintore di Tramonti


A little-known wine, but one that holds all the secrets of the Amalfi Coast. With hints of the forrest, elegant and complex, this pairs perfectly with legumes and roast meats. È iss is a unique wine. On the Amalfi Coast in the Tramonti area, there is an extremely old vine that has withstood the test of time and resisted parasites such as phylloxera. This is the Tintore vine and the Winery San Francesco vinifies this carefully & purely in order to produce a very special and unique wine.

Year: 2018
Denomination : Campania Rosso IGT
Grape varieties: 100% Tramonti pre-phylloxera
Alcohol: 13,5% vol.
Format: 0.75l
Allergens: sulphites
Serving temperature: 16/18 °C
Type: red
Food pairings: red meat, game and aged cheese



Il Tintore is a vine that is grown only on the Amalfi Coast and has become exceptionally rare since over the years it has been replaced with grapes that are easier to grow. Infact, Il Tintore is a vine with the capacity to produce a wine of extremely high quality. The San Francesco Estate produces just 1000 bottles a year, thus making it quite difficult to find this rare wine.
The bouquet is rich in notes of blackberries, the forest and chalk, you will experience these flavours also in the taste. The wine also has an agreeable tannin undertone and a distinct character.
È iss is very enjoyable wine to savour on its own, but it also goes extremely well with red meat, salami and mature cheese. We love it best with a local dish of thinly sliced beef on a bed of beans!
The alcohol content of È iss di Tenuta San Francesco is 14%.
This is IGT Campania compatible, and is produced in steel containers for 18/24 months, then stays a further 6 months once bottled.

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