Ceramic jar with blue stripes filled with Limoncello of Sorrento – cylinder size 500 ml


Handmade ceramic jar.
Cylinder size 500 ml
Contents: Limoncello produced with Sorrento IGP lemons
Alcohol content: 30%


Its practically law here in Sorrento that every Sunday lunch finishes with an ice-cold nip of Limoncello, Sorrento’s famous liqueur, made with its very own lemons. Its even better when served from a traditional ceramic handmade pourer such as our blue stripped cylindrical version. All our pourers are made by skilled hands using traditional methods, then carefully painted again by hand just outside of the town of Vietri, then they are filled in Sorrento.

Each one is individual, making these a perfect gift to take back home to your loved ones so you can enjoy a limoncello together. Cheers!

To enjoy this like a true Sorrentine ensure you keep yours in the fridge and serve cold.

Please note if you find any sediment in the bottom of your bottle this is just a testament to the natural process in which the product is made.

Handmade ceramic jar for this reason the dimensions could vary by a few millimeters.

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 9,5 × 9,5 × 19,5 cm

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Saturated fats