Béchar Cantine Caggiano – FIANO DI AVELLINO DOCG


Cantina Caggiano’s Fiano di Avellino is unique amongst its genre, a wine with a generous bouquet and extremely drinkable. A wine which pairs perfectly with both fish and white meat dishes.

Year: 2022
Denomination : Fiano di Avellino DOCG
Grape varieties : Fiano
Alcohol : 13% Vol
Format: 0,75 l
Allergens: sulphites
Serving temperature: 8-10°C
Type : white
Food pairing: cheeses, and exotic fruit plates



It is an exotic name for a wine produced with 100% Fiano di Avellino grapes, grown on the hillsides of Irpinia, at 400mts above sea level on land that is predominately clay limestone making it an ideal location for vineyards.
This wine carries the name of a town in Algeria, honouring Antonio Caggiano’s many travels, not only passionate about wines but also photography.
The grapes, which are harvested once they are fully mature, normally around the 3rd week in October, are pressed and the must fermentation process is carried out in steel tanks at low temperatures. Then allowed to refine in bottles for 3 months.
Bechar has a gold tonality and floral, dried fruits and spice bouquet. It is extremely well bodied, balanced, and holds the typical strong characteristics of the best Fiano di Avellino’s.
Marvellous with a dish spaghetti and clams, or shellfish risotto. And it goes great with cheeses, and exotic fruit plates.

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