Olive oil tasting in Sorrento - Guided Tour

Wander through the ancient olive trees on our estate, discover the secrets of the Sorrento Olive Oil industry & get to sample our extra virgin olive oil and other local produce in our tasting tour. A private transfer will collect your from you accommodation in Sorrento or the surrounding area, and after a short drive you will arrive at the "Frantoio Gargiulo" - the old mill.

tour degli uliveti secolari


Program of
olive oil tasting

A walk around the Frantoio Gargiulo

Antonella, Viola or Raffaella will accompany you throughout your excursion, wandering amongst the ancient olive trees on our estate they will tell you all about the history & the tradition of producing olive oil in Sorrento. You will get the chance to see all the tools that were required in times gone by for the pruning and the pressing - then finally you will get to learn about all the stages required in order to produce our wonderful oil.

degustazione di olio tra gli ulivi sorrento
degustazione di olio tra gli ulivi sorrento

Tasting 15 different types of extra virgin olive oil

Relax and you can truly experience the intense tastes and aromas that our beautiful country has to offer. Other than sampling our extra virgin olive oil DOP, you will also try the varieties that are flavored with Sorrento's Lemons, or oranges, truffles & chillies amongst others - there are around 20 different types. Whilst you are sampling - our staff will be able to explain all about the organic production, as well as hints and tips on how best to use these oils. Sampling of typical products from Sorrento & the Amalfi Coast.

degustazione di olio tra gli ulivi sorrento

Tasting Glazes and honey

From the grape must we can make an amazing balsamic vinegar glaze - which our guests particularly enjoy. The intense sweet flavour pairs perfectly with cheese or can be used on salads - the flavour just explodes in your mouth. In Sorrento you will find many honey producers - they make a wonderful "millefiori" honey which can be flavoured with lemon. Again excellent with cheese or perfect for breakfast time - we'll let you try some on homemade bread cooked in a wood fired oven - a delicacy. Then to finish you will try some of our marmalades made with the citrus fruits of Sorrento.

degustazione di olio tra gli ulivi sorrento
degustazione di glasse di aceto balsamico sorrento

Tasting of Limoncello & cream local liqueurs

Limoncello is the most famous of Sorrento's liqueurs- it has been recreated all over the world but you can only try the real thing here, made with our very own lemons. The staff will explain how this is made - and will even let you in on some secrets which makes our limoncello unique. On top of the limoncello we will also let you try the lemon cream, pistachio & chocolate cream - perfect for taking with dessert such as a babĂ , delizia limone or any other local traditional sweet. Our tour is coming to an end - but if you like you can try some other blends from the Campano wines to toast this unforgettable day of tasting! And before you leave please have a look at our range of cosmetics that we have created from our oil - a perfect gift to take home.