• semola sugar 150 g
  • potato 500 g
  • flour manitoba 500 g
  • yeast of fresh beer 35 g
  • milk to dissolve the yeast
  • Extravirgin oil 100 g
  • 4 eggs
  • arachid oil for frying


First prepare the leavening dough with the yeast dissolved in warm milk and 100g of flour, knead it for a few minutes and then let it rise for an hour.Cook the potatoes with their peel in water (for 40 minutes for classic cooking or 15 for pressure cooking).Once cooked peeled and passed to the mill (thin mesh) while they are still hot.Form a fountain with the flour, sugar and the crushed and warmed potatoes, where the oil will be placed, the beaten eggs and the yeast dough. Mix everything for about ten minutes and if necessary add a little more flour.Place the dough in a bowl and let it rise for an hour covered with a cloth.After the leavening time roll out the dough (ideally with a height of 1cm) on a floured surface and obtained with a dough cup of about 7cm diameter, many circles and imprint in the center the characteristic hole (proportionally 2cm).Leave the donuts to rise for prima hour before frying them in plenty of peanut oil.Once fried, let them dry for a few minutes on absorbent paper and still very hot pass them in sugar and cinnamon powder.