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Pasta and beans with chilli oil

INGREDIENTS 300 g of beans 100 g of mixed pasta 1 clove of garlic clove 1 stem of celery 1 hot hot chilli pepper 4 red tomatoes, red tomatoes 40 g of sliced bacon 3 tablespoons olive oil from Frantoio Gargiulo basil 40 g grated Parmesan cheese PREPARATION Soak the beans overnight. Clean the celery, […]

Orange cake by Maison Milady

INGREDIENTS: for a cake tin of about 22 cm 1 large orange juice 1/2 small lemon (from Sorrento) 3 eggs 30 g sugar plus one spoon 80 g of flour 0 20 g of starch 2 tablespoons Sorrento orange oil by Frantoio Gargiulo 6 g of baking powder 1 teaspoon of orange flavour (or grated […]

Risotto with Salmon, Avocado and Sorrento’s Lemon Oil – Blog: lapasticceramatta

We thank the Blog of LAPASTICCERAMATTA for having created this recipe with our IGP Sorrento Lemon Oil. Here is his recipe: INGREDIENTS: 320 g Carnaroli rice 100 g Smoked salmon 1/2 white onion 1 Avocado Extra virgin olive oil with lemons from Sorrento Igp Gargiulo Extra virgin olive oil (Frantoio Gargiulo) 8-10 Nuts (toasted) […]

Lemon cake with Lemon olive oil Gargiulo

This lemon dessert is fresh and creamy, does not need cooking, it is prepared in a few minutes and is ideal to impress your guests with an original dessert made with Sorrento’s IGP Lemon Oil. Difficulty: easy Portions: 4 Preparation: 20 minutes INGREDIENTS: for 4 people For the base: 120 gr of dry biscuits 50 […]

Donuts with extravirgin oil

INGREDIENTS: semola sugar 150 g potato 500 g flour manitoba 500 g yeast of fresh beer 35 g milk to dissolve the yeast Extravirgin oil 100 g 4 eggs arachid oil for frying PREPARATION First prepare the leavening dough with the yeast dissolved in warm milk and 100g of flour, knead it for a few […]

Fried Mozzarella

A typical Neapolitan dish, full of history and tradition.Poor but tasty ingredients, to brighten your tables and cater to the tastes of your guests. INGREDIENTS: 10 slices of bread 250 grams of mozzarella 2 eggs 2 tablespoons flour salt Syrrentum Extravirgin Olive Oil PREPARATION: Remove the crusts from the bread, cut the mozzarella and arrange […]

Spaghetti garlic, olive oil, red pepper and tomato

The pasta with garlic, olive oil, red pepper and tomato is a very simple and tasty recipe to bring to the table in no time a tasty first course. It is simply to add tomatoes to the classic garlic and chili oil, and complete with parmesan and obviously to get a good result it takes […]

Bruschetta with fava beans

Prepared fresh and tasty, economical, where the taste of Olive Oil Gargiulo remains unmistakable. Bruschetta with fresh fava beans, as recommend our grandparents. INGREDIENTS: 8 slices of whole grain bread or cereal 5 300 gr. of shelled fresh fava beans 1 fresh onion 60 gr. of light or fresh cheese with herbs salt and pepper […]

Beef carpaccio with rocket and Sorrento’s Orange Oil

The beef carpaccio with rocket, parmesan and Sorrento’s Orange Oil is a quick and easy dish to prepare that does not require any cooking and for this you can define a dish fresh and fast: it is very thin slices of raw meat, usually beef or veal, which are arranged on a platter, sprinkled with […]

Appetizer in Jar

INGREDIENTS: for 4 people pure liquorice caciotta cheese Roman chicory garlic Oil Syrrentum Gargiulo Lemon oil Gargiulo artisan cereals and olive oil crackers PREPARATION: Clean separating the leaves from the chicory and wash them well.In a saucepan, saute a clove of garlic with a tablespoon of oil Syrrentum and let leaves simmer.Cut the florets of […]

Vesuvius Shrimps

Fast and fun dish to prepare and made even tastier by a drizzle of Gargiulo’s Oranges Olive Oil of Sorrento. INGREDIENTS: (serves 4) 16 Red Shrimps 100 grams of butter 1 glass of white wine 1 carrot 1 onion parsley salt pepper Gargiulo’s oranges oil PREPARATION: Chop the onion and the carrot and leave it […]

Fennel au gratin with béchamel sauce

An easy and cheap recipe, with poor but always good and genuine ingredients.Enriched with béchamel sauce for the sweet tooth and maybe to eat the vegetables even for the little ones. INGREDIENTS: for 4 people 4 fennels 50 gr of grated parmesan Butter Gargiulo oil Salt Pepper For béchamel sauce: 100 g of butter 100 […]

Pizza Margherita

The Margherita Pizza is a typical Neapolitan Pizza born from the genius of the Neapolitan pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito. Created on the occasion of the visit of Queen Margherita, then sovereign of Italy with Umberto I, in Naples. The pizza chef prepared several pizza but the Queen appreciated particularly that with mozzarella and tomato, which has […]

Linguine pasta with swordfish and zucchini

A great first, tasty and light, seafood and vegetables for your summer evenings to delight your friends.Top quality products and the highest quality, cooked with extra virgin olive oil from Frantoio Gargiulo. INGREDIENTS: for 4 people 300 g linguine 150 g of smoked swordfish 200 g zucchini 1 shallot a teaspoon of chopped parsley Peel […]

Caprese Salad

The caprese with lemon oil is a nice and original reinterpretation of the classic caprese, is composed vertically, with slices of tomato and mozzarella, drizzled with lemon oil of Sorrento IGP, salt and garnished with basil leaves. INGREDIENTS: serves 4 4 Buffalo Mozzarella 250 g each 4 Red tomatoes basil Olive Oil Lemon of Sorrento […]

Salad with squid and celery

Summer is approaching? Choose a salad fresh and light but flavorful and tasty. For your line without losing the flavors fresh and genuine. INGREDIENTS: for 4 people 500 grams of fresh squid 2 stalks of celery parsley shelled walnuts Lemon juice or Dop Extravirgin Olive Oil Gargiulo The first thing to do is boil the […]

Loaf pan with olive oil

This dessert is not only healthy because it contains no sugars, but also because it uses olive oil instead of butter. The olive oil of lemon Frantoio Gargiulo is lightweight and ideal for soft and gentle puffs. INGREDIENTS: 3 eggs 50 g orange juice 3 g salt 2 grated orange peel 10 g of baking […]

Spaghetti with clams

The spaghetti with clams are one of the most famous dishes and tasty of Neapolitan cuisine. Dish prepared in every corner of the world and so loved by the Italians who present it as a traditional dish for Christmas Dinner. The ingredients have to be fresh and of excellent quality, the choice of fresh clams, […]

Cookies olive oil

These cookies are light and crumbly. Light because the butter replaces the oil. To make them even more tasty you can utilize the Lemon Oil Frantoio Gargiulo. INGREDIENTS: Flour type “00” 280 g Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP Lemon of Sorrento Sugar 100 g 2 eggs plus 1 egg yolk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 […]

Mussels stew

INGREDIENTS: for two people 1 kilo of mussels 1 “cuore di bue” tomato 1 stalk of celery 1 clove of garlic 1 small chili pepper parsley olive oil preferably DOP from the Sorrentine Peninsula 1/2 glass of white Lacryma Christi wine PREPARATION: Fry the garlic and add the chili pepper. If you like spices food, […]

Oranges and Fennel Salad

The recipe of this salad with oranges , fennel and walnuts is a perfect choice for both the winter and the summer, because it uses products that are found throughout the year, because it is cool in summer and because it provides vitamin C and vitamins to combat the rigors of winter weather.You can serve […]

Sorrento Walnuts Olive Oil Flavored Spaghetti

The “Sorrento walnut olive oil Spaghetti” are a first delicious, original and fast dish to prepare. INGREDIENTS: Spaghetti 320 g Walnut minced 70 g Parmesan cheese Reggiano 70 g Gargiulo Walnut extravirgin olive oil : 4 spoons Garlic 2 segments Salt Ground black pepper PREPARATION: In a frying pan you make to brown the garlic […]

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