Cooking Class

Cooking Class at the Mill from Sorrento

Learn how to make pasta from scratch like a real Italian! Working alongside our chef you will get to learn the traditional recipes of fresh pasta making, or gnocchi or caprese ravioli. Then sit back and enjoy all your hard work, with lunch looking out over Mount Vesuvius, while enjoy a glass of Campanian wine.

Sorrento Cooking School


Cooking and tasting typical food

Lezioni di Pizza da Sorrento
Pizza School da Sorrento
Pizza Focaccia con Olio EVO e Pomodoro di Sorrento

Tasting of Limoncello & cream local liqueurs

Limoncello is the most famous of Sorrento's liqueurs- it has been recreated all over the world but you can only try the real thing here, made with our very own lemons. The staff will explain how this is made - and will even let you in on some secrets which makes our limoncello unique. On top of the limoncello we will also let you try the lemon cream, pistachio & chocolate cream - perfect for taking with desert such as a babĂ , delizia limone or any other local traditional sweet. Our tour is coming to an end - but if you like you can try some other blends from the Campano wines to toast this unforgettable day of tasting! And before you leave please have a look at our range of cosmetics that we have created from our oil - a perfect gift to take home.

Pizza School Sorrento
Scuola di Pizza Sorrento
Pizza Class Sorrento
Degustazione di limoncello a Sorrento