The beef carpaccio with rocket, parmesan and Sorrento’s Orange Oil is a quick and easy dish to prepare that does not require any cooking and for this you can define a dish fresh and fast: it is very thin slices of raw meat, usually beef or veal, which are arranged on a platter, sprinkled with arugula and parmesan cheese and seasoned with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper.


(serves 4)

  • 400g beef fillet or sirloin
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Sorrento’s Olive Oil
  • Rocket and Grana flakes


Prepare the sauce citronette squeezing lemons and placing the filtered juice in a bowl : add the oil, salt and pepper, then emulsify the sauce with the help of a fork.If you have not purchased the slices ready for carpaccio but have opted instead for a whole piece of sirloin , please remove the butcher every rib cartilage or grease getting a nice piece of sirloin thin cylindrical and the final weight of 400 gr .If you do not have a slicer at home , you should make finely cut meat from the butcher himself. Once you cut the meat into thin slices , divide and place them on four serving plates, sprinkle each dish with the sauce citronette, then sprinkle each dish with 25 g rocket leaves and 25 g Grana or Parmesan and Olive oil with Oranges Gargiulo of Sorrento. If you prefer, you can flavor the meat with the sauce prepared , leaving it to marinate for about ten minutes (or more , to taste ) in a refrigerator but no rocket and parmesan. Proceeding in this way, however , know that the meat will lose its natural pink color giving way to the color of cooked meat.After the marinating time , remove the carpaccio from the refrigerator, add the arugula, parmesan and serve the bringing to the table even the Orange oil, pepper and salt, so that diners can add more seasoning to taste.