for 4 people

  • pure liquorice
  • caciotta cheese
  • Roman chicory
  • garlic
  • Oil Syrrentum Gargiulo
  • Lemon oil Gargiulo
  • artisan cereals and olive oil crackers


Clean separating the leaves from the chicory and wash them well.In a saucepan, saute a clove of garlic with a tablespoon of oil Syrrentum and let leaves simmer.Cut the florets of the chicory in two length wise, season with, salt, lemon juice and oil Syrrentum; set aside in a cool place. Raw vegetables are seasoned only a few minutes before serving.Dissolve with a little water and the licorice with the help of a brush to “dirty” the walls of a jar with high sides.Then enter the cooked chicory and lean over a Caciotta cheese. Complete with Gargiulo lemon oil and grated of Sorrento lemon rind.Finally insert some chicory and a cracker. Serve quickly.

by Imma Gargiulo from MasterChef Italy